61 – #1 Super Funny Super Show #5

This Super Show is Super, but not beat Christmas super, so we opted to wait a day for release. However, there is some really great stuff in here!

We start back in 1992 in a record store… I know, this relates to so many of you, right? Well, that’s where we start and where it ends up is really unexpected. Then, we eavesdrop into a locker room to hear a sports team get motivated one way or another. The action turns up dramatically as we head to a… mattress store? Really? A mattress store. *sigh* what we could do with a budget… Anyhoo, we end up in a steam room (that’s more like it!) for some really great conversation, or something like that.

Bonus points to everyone who can keep track of how many orgasms happen during this podcast!

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