Episode 211: The Best of Season 2

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It’s all of Stuart and Alisha’s favorite sketches from this season! This episode is a great starting point for those of you curious about the show, or just really want to focus on the best of things. It’s like a best of album from that band that you heard about but haven’t really heard but you find the CD in the bargain bin for $2.99 and you go ahead and buy it and find out that this is YOUR FAVORITE BAND EVER! It’s like that, but a podcast that is free so you don’t even have to pretend it’s a gag gift for the snarky music store guy that only listens to music that “challenges” him/her. Seriously though, it’s not very good and it was an import which means that I paid, like, $30 back in the day because the music store person suggested it.

Sketches include a pop culture show hosted by two very different people, the solution to racism, revisiting one of our very first sketches (it’s super!), what happens after pot becomes legal, ordering from one cruel restaurant, a different look at “Beauty and the Beast”, edging (and shame on you for knowing what that is), a dating site for funny girls, an emergency call that starts off so small, a meal and morality test and the weirdest conversation that Alisha and Stuart have ever had. Ever.

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