98 – #1 Super Funny Super Show #8

It’s another Super Show, where you can take a longer drive and enjoy the sketches all together! If you listen closely, there is a story going on in the background… please let us know if you hear it!

I’m not going to lie… it’s been a challenging last couple of months. Work has me swamped and scheduling guests has been difficult. So, to buffer for the time-being, this show is going to happen, then a Classic episode for #99 and then… I’m taking a little break and getting Episode 100 recorded (Very excited about it) and finishing up a couple of other recording sessions before heading into the next 100 episodes. The show has been around for 4 years and I really want to hit the gas this next year and make it something really special. I am going to be asking a lot of everyone… mainly just to share the show more. If you like it, or you just like the concept and want more interesting people, we have to build the audience and we have to do it together.

But this is a fun Super Show! We have Jim Greenfield telling us how $10 can save our souls! Jimmy Asbell then tells us we should instead give him $10 so we can be fucking awesome! Alisha comes back (or we reach back into the past) for a couple of sketches: one about the newest offering from FitBit and the other about a group of cheerleaders we should probably not be cheering for.

All of this and no puppies were hurt in the making of these sketches! (Finally)

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