About Us

Sketch Comedy Podcast Show is a show where normal, everyday but wonderful people get to show off their ability to perform off-the-cuff comedy in the form of improvised sketch. The idea is simple, invite interesting people to have a conversation for 30-minutes or so, and then, from that conversation, craft a sketch that is then improvised on the spot. That raw performance is then expertly edited with sound-effects, music and whatnot to create a professional-sounding audio recording.

The goal is to get a lot of interesting people on the podcast. So far, we have had scientists, social workers, tech writers, comedians, lawyers, and other podcasters on the show, and they have been really amazing! Some of the shows get a little… adult, some are innocent and funny, but all of them are completely original and are unique to every person who has been on the show.

Are you interesting? Would you like to be a part of the show? Location and time are never an issue, and because of that there is never a lack of guests for the show, but it would be great to have you on the show as well! If interested, please contact the show at sketchcomedypodcastshow@gmail.com to see if being on the show sounds fun to you!

As for the host? His name is Stuart Rice. Stuart has had an interest in comedy since he was very young, and would watch hours of the “Carol Burnett”, “Saturday Night Live”, Johnny Carson, and umpteen episodes of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and promptly took the advice of his high-school counselor and did not pursuit any career even close to comedy. So, now, he spends all of his spare time that isn’t spent with work or family obsessing over this podcast with dreams of turning it into a video show. Until then, you will have to just be happy with audio.

If you like this idea, and would like to support this show financially (so far, Stuart has spent thousands of dollars to produce this show) please head to Patreon and thank you ahead of time! If you would think the show is great and have suggestions for the show, please contact the show at sketchcomedypodcastshow@gmail.com. Below are the other ways you can connect to the show. The absolute best way to help the show, more than anything, is to share that you listen. Comedy is a scary thing to share with people, because humor is a sensitive area for most people, but I find that giving people a chance with a particular episode that you like is a gift for the show, and for the person you suggest it to.

Thank you so much for listening!





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