31 – Dadvice with Ken Hansen | Multiple generations genuinely want you to shut up

One day, your father decides its time to talk to you about all of the things you are going to need to know throughout your life. You are probably somewhere around 13-15 and everything that he says is incredibly important, but is also the worst garbage you have ever heard in your entire life. Even after that talk, you still decide to go and screw up everything and ignore what he says and you vow… when you are older, you will talk to your kids in a way that they won’t feel the same way about you. Good luck with that, Dad.

And if you want to hear how the recording went… you can do that now!:

Stuart invites a friend of a friend on the podcast, because why not! Ken has bees, a fireplace, chickens and a spare hour! Stuart recognizes he isn’t funny, and then Ken unveils he was 18 when he became a dad. Pregnant prom is evidently not as good as you would think. Death is funny, at least sometimes maybe? We talk about birth control and how well it worked for us. Ken talks about how difficult it was to have a baby at 18, which means everyone else knew how to raise his kids. Evidently when you are 18 and living with your parents and have a baby it really effects your sex life. Friends don’t let friends go to church. The Avengers > The Bible. Stuart kills in the jury room. Ken and Stuart sound really old occasionally. Stuart inadvertently does an ad for VR Goggles, but not one Google would approve. Ken & Stuart’s oldest children break the news of marijuana use in the best way possible. Ken & Stuart talk a little bit about dating and then Stuart talks about how he became the girl in the relationship. Is there anyone who is #swinesexual?

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