12 – Did You Get That? | It was a good date, right? Right?

We’ve all gone on that really great date and felt all of those really great feelings associated and then did that thing we should never do, send that text message right after the date… and then never get the response back. It’s a horror story that just writes itself.

To hear how this episode was made, see below!:

This is our recording session, where we come up with the sketch that will make it into the show. We spoil nothing about Star Wars or Zootopia, but we somehow talk about movies. We have a new Patreon! That’s awesome! Stuart is a pacifist and will not kill spiders, male or female #SpiderBalls. Also, we don’t know anything about spiders. Stuart met Dr. Kiki (@drkiki), and plans on bugging the crap out of her to be on the show (also, that totally worked, as you can listen to in “We Won The Olympics!”. Alisha did something called Questival and didn’t win anything, because people are terrible. Stuart ruined a wedding, completely. Nearly a pooping incident during sex led to a race home #ShyColon #SmorgasbordOfFeces. And we also do a sketch.

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