Episode 103: The Awkward Missing One

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This is, by far, our most awkward episode yet, with awkward sketches, awkward episode numbering… everything! Remember a couple of months ago when Alisha had broken up with her boyfriend and was all distraught and we did an episode on break ups? Well, little did you know there was actually a fully recorded episode ready to go up that we just put on the backburner, and continued to back burn until now! This episode has Alisha doing her best impersonation of someone trying a little too hard at an open mic, a microphone test that just evolves into a sketch about AIDS (so appropriate!), what goes on in the minds of teenagers going into the closet that should probably be coming out of the closet, a drug counselor that could possibly use a little more training, and advice from Dad that maybe we should listen to a little more closely.

All of this AND gratuitous outtakes as well! (AWKWARD!)

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