Episode 2 REDEUX (Fully Remastered)

This week, we are going back into the catalog for some inspiration. It’s back to episode #2, the second episode we ever recorded! This is one of our favorites, because it introduces Larry, the gas-station guy, who shows up occasionally on the show! This is also a completely remastered version, so it sounds much better!

What makes this show so good? We get to hear about a product called Movie Eye which will revolutionize the way blind people watch movies, as well as how it will make each of us watch movies completely differently from what we are used to! As mentioned before, Larry makes his debut appearance (soundperance?) and helps us fill our lives with joy and our tank with gas. Hopefully you have never had to fake an orgasm to appease a lover, but if you have you will absolutely understand this couple’s argument after going to a party with friends. Ever call a suicide hotline? Weird question? Don’t answer it, but we certainly do not wish this to happen to you if you ever do. What would it take to cancel a date in the middle of dinner? We might have found the answer to this age-old question in the final sketch in this classic episode.

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