Episode 304: Super Duper!

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Excelsior fellow podcast listeners! This episode, Alisha and Stuart take on all of the superheroes! Well, not take them on, but actually just take on an episode making fun of them. Not of them, they don’t want to make any super people unhappy, but you know what we mean. This episode includes an episode of “This American Life” about non-hero super-people, Wonder Woman telling Batman of her ample plans, Silver Surfer giving nutrition advice to Galactus, Green Lantern’s surprisingly racist ring, and why the Hulk starts out angry but ends up sad.

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One thought on “Episode 304: Super Duper!

  1. Hey guys, awesome episode! First of all, Alicia, you’re Christopher Walken is flawless! I love you’re setup for the Wonder Woman sketch (Speculating on their HR department? Briliant!). And you guys did NOT need to credit me for that idea! YOU”RE the rockstars who made it happen :). I appreciate it all the same. And thanks for the shout out for my channel. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

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