25 – I Dream of India | Buy a ticket, jump on a plane and let life happen

Do you ever find yourself just daydreaming and imagining yourself throwing caution to the wind, buying a plane ticket to long-off and magical places and going on an unplanned and exciting adventure? Maybe it’s a good idea to have an idea of what it is you are getting into…

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Stuart invites his daughter, Amber, onto the podcast! (He is a little behind on booking guests)

Stuart has a hard time figuring out this newfangled podcasting equipment. Amber and Stuart binge watch the heck out of The Walking Dead, even when they think it isn’t all that great. Amber’s skills in the zombie apocalypse is, at best, weak. Okay, they talk A LOT about TWD and zombies and survival. Stuart does solve a major issue with food but that wouldn’t solve the fact that he’s got the diabetes. Stuart gives Amber a bunch of apocalypse scenarios and sees what she says, we find out Amber is not willing to sacrifice much. They ask the question that no one really answers… why would a government develop the zombie weapon? Where would they deploy it? How would it work out in a good way? Stuart is starting to pander to everyone because the show is starting to become more international (thank you everyone!). What if history was written by a particular country that was completely neutral? No, they were not high. Amber wants to go to India… she really doesn’t know anything about India, but someone she knows kind of said that it was cool but she doesn’t remember really why, but TV shows have painted a nice picture. Amber let’s us know the ground hurts. Amber has not Netflix and chill and Stuart missed out on getting laid in an empty movie theater. The two finally do a sketch about flying to India.

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