50 – Recording Session: Can I Interest You in a Mattress with Bob Rhodes (Recorded 11/1/2016)

Stuart invites one of the biggest fans of the podcast, Super Fan Bob, to join him on the podcast. Actually, Bob is a good friend of Stuart’s and they both work in the same industry… at the end of this episode you can probably guess which one.

Bob was originally supposed to be in radio (he has the face for it) but the weather prevented him, so he went to the strip club instead. “The Bob Zone” and “Woot! TV” Bob was famous on Justin.TV… Look that one up kids! Stuart drinks too much coffee and Bob and Stuart like to talk about things. Stuart neglects to take warnings about corn mazes. Stuart’s son almost got as much candy as Stuart bought at the store, it’s not good candy economy. More candy is discussed. Stuart recounts a story he forgot that he talked about before… he’s old, folks. Also, this was still before the election. Bob’s strip club experience was short lived but full of really songs Stuart didn’t know. New York, New York in Vegas needs to make sure not to have audio issues. World’s hardest job: creative director at a strip club. Stuart’s Halloween costume was hard to explain. Bob has put many miles in his car trying to buy a house. Ira Glass is hard to imitate. Bob suggests listening to Ciara, and Stuart really suggests you listen to this podcast.

Disclaimer: There is a very slight echo, many apologies but there was no way to eliminate that sound due to recording in a cave.

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