45 – Recording Session: (De)Motivational Speaker with Dave Bullis (Recorded 10/31/2016)

or, if you want to watch…

Stuart invites filmmaker and podcaster Dave Bullis of “The Dave Bullis Show” to come onto the show, chat for a bit and do a sketch!

Both Dave and Stuart know too many people and Stuart comes up with a really dumb idea and worse joke to fix it. Everyone looks at podcasting numbers and there is no way anyone is happy with it. Stuart wonders if he should turn Dave into the FBI, not magically but actually turn him in. Dave talks about not looking at screens as an excuse for the mound of books behind him at his office. Stuart is a lazy reader… and lazy everything else, really. Dave worries about the notes in his books (and that’s a call back to turning him into the FBI). Stuart comes up with the ultimate internet tool for all internet creeps (and everyone is lumped into that category). Dave collects action figures and likes wrestling… no judgements, no judgements… Dave met “The Honky Tonk Man” which makes him far more interesting than Stuart. Dave worries his collection will be the death of him. Literally. Things are designed to be lost so that we have to buy them again, both guys talk about books or movies they have done that with. Stuart thinks Stephen King can’t finish a book well and Dave sets him straight because Stuart doesn’t know things that are good. Black Mirror is a show everyone should watch, it’s always applicable to any conversation. Dave is a filmmaker, but they are hard to make and take time and be happy he makes a podcast for crying-out-loud. Stuart had to leave his house to continue to do the podcast… it’s the worst. Stuart’s Dad can’t stand the West Coast because he can’t get a hoagie, if anyone could really describe what makes a hoagie a hoagie and could direct Stuart so that he could make one that would be great; Dave tried… to certain success. If you HAD to vote, like it was the law, would that be a good thing or a bad thing because it’s such a hassle and really hard! Stuart reads the opposition on a proposition and realized that the voter pamphlet was trolled, it was his favorite voting experience. Neither Stuart or Dave get trolled on their podcast which makes them both sad. Dave made a trailer to a fake sequel to the movie “Future War” and oddly received negative comments about it. The description of this movie is pure magic and Dave’s trailer is for the fake sequel “. Dave knows someone who refers to himself as a “shit magnet”. Dave knows the worst person in the world and people trust their dogs with him. The guys then record a sketch.

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