37 – Recording Session: Everyone Loves the Goonies! with Kelly Guimont

If you enjoy the sketch, you might also like to hear how we recorded it!:

Stuart invites tech journalist and cheerleader of @AppCamp4Girls, a summer camp where young women learn how to program and make cool stuff, Kelly Guimont (@verso) to the show. Stuart first heard Kelly on MacBreak Weekly (@MacBreakWeekly) and realized that they both live in the same city, so… also, she seemed like a fit for the show!

Stuart finds out from Kelly that a bunch of things he used to like on the internet were ruined by Huffington Post… years later (where has he been?) How would you feel if you looked in your email one day and everything that you had done for the last couple of years was being thrown out? Chris Hardwick hosts a lot of things, but doesn’t have a show about either of our shows yet. There are not a lot of women in podcasts. Or in application development, which is why she has App Camp 4 Girls, a summer camp where young women learn how to code. Yes, it is that cool. Cheese snacks are the best motivator. App Camp 4 Girls is incredibly cool for any young woman in middle school; go to the website http://appcamp4girls.com to find out more. Kelly offers Elon Musk his next, impossible, challenge. Making things on computers is really hard. Stuart should never do any marketing, ever. Leave cyber security to the 12-year olds. Stuart took sex-ed 30 years ago and is still confused about how things work. Stuart likes vocal and tonal juxtaposition. Kelly and Stuart decide to do a sketch about Superman, but then decide against it and do a sketch about the Goonies.

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