40 – Recording Session: Inside a Record Store Circa 1992 with Steve Cox

If you liked the sketch, you’ll love hearing how we recorded it!:

Stuart’s lawyer friend (who is waaaay more than a lawyer) Steve (who actually wrote the “Duh-vengers” script) joins the podcast to chat about all sorts of things, but mainly working in a record store which evidently they both reminisce about.

Steve does a lot of stuff and secretly Stuart has no idea how he gets it all done. Steve had a professor in college who was kind of an idiot. Steve brags about his award winning comedy show (with video, you can check it out at the VERY BOTTOM of www.electricunderpants.com). Stuart then tries to brag about his award that he paid for. They talk about trolls and why they didn’t exist in the 90s. Steve’s mutant power is the ability to grow facial hair. There is nothing classier than a neck beard… and there is a lot of one can learn from one’s facial hair #MustacheLivesMatter. Ken Bone comes up. #NeverNotSweatering. We should just elect Trump because we don’t want to hear him talk about politics and we try to engineer a reverse-tort for him. Steve is working on it because he could make a KILLING! There was evidently a fake judge show from Canada called “The Judge” (totally exists, and a BOMB was involved! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcj-lbOa6Zo). Bandanas are head robes. Rockstars should just stay on the heroin. The Supreme Court should be revamped and be chosen by an American Idol type reality show. Steve and Stuart talk judges because comedy. The two decide to do a timely and current and hip sketch about a record store in the early 90s.

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