59 – Recording Session: Request for Leave with Tom Flynn (Recorded 12/10/2016)

We were given 24, no, 12, nope, like 7 hours to record, edit, and release this podcast. Fortunately, I got paired with Tom Flynn, and we had a delightful time recording the podcast (twice because of technical issues) and actually came up with a really funny sketch!

Tom decided a couple of years ago to change his career, from a highly-successful real estate guy to the lucrative and highly-demanded job of audio editor… over at KBOO radio as a volunteer (here in Portland, OR). The coolest thing about this is he is not 22… Tom is 71 years old. This is the type of life decision that sounds crazy, but I have to admit, I admire him. Stuart’s father is going to live a lot longer because of the DMV. Just FYI… the sketch made it to the radio and was a HUGE hit! Tom and Stuart had to take on the theme of “adventure”, which they completely nailed and recorded the greatest podcast of all time… but then accidentally got deleted. Tom went to Vietnam, during the scary times, which already makes him a more interesting guy than Stuart. Tom spied on Cuba, which is super cool. He also didn’t know there was going to be a war in Vietnam… which was not so cool. Also, his perception of the Navy was not 100% accurate. So, he had to write a letter to former president Richard M. Nixon to see if he could get out. He did, then we updated the idea and recorded a sketch on it.

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