53 – Recording Session: Steamy Conversation with Kris Keppeler (Recorded 11/14/2016)

Kris Keppler is a fellow podcaster on Podbean whose show “Does This Happen To You?” is a humor podcast that started out based on her one-woman stage show and now focuses on stories by both Kris and other writers. It is delightful, and you should check it out! You can do that here: http://kriskkaria.podbean.com

Kris talks about the weird things that happen in the gym, because that’s where all the weird things happen (which is why Stuart stays away from the gym… or something like that). Kris forces her audiobook reading onto authors. “Genius” is a good compliment to get. Stuart needs to get off of the pin idea. Steam rooms… probably the worst places to have conversations. Where does someone pick up a “Gilligan’s Island” hat? Kris brags about having an IMDB profile. Seattle is a better version of Portland or Portland is a worse version of Seattle. Evidently, there is a lot of acting work in the Pacific Northwest, but the traffic is terrible, so stay away!!! Blogs and podcasts are not as easy as people make them sound. Kris has gotten jobs off of Twitter… Stuart has not. Stuart believes Thanksgivings are better on a small scale. Stuart makes Kris listen to his family issues for a while. Stuart over exaggerates about how bad a cook he is. Stuart talks about the one time he almost died while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Stuart’s dog now is naughty. After years of repression, her inner-bitch is rising.

Video Interview:

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