66 – Recording Session: Totally Appropriate Audition with Laura Welsh (Recorded 12/18/2016)

Portland actress Laura Welsh (@lauralew8) met with Stuart at a great tea place in Portland (where they had a tea that helped with Stuart’s bout of hangover). Laura is a native Portlandonian (I doubt that is the right descriptor) and found out that she was more excited about acting than she was interested in human society. Laura and Stuart talked about acting, strangest auditions and a lot of other things. Laura is as interesting as she is beautiful (and that is not me hitting on her, swearsies). We decided to do a sketch based on odd auditions because honestly that is the wackiest part of the entertainment industry.

You can visit her IMDB page at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5897839/ and you can also go directly to her new webpage at http://www.lauraewelsh.com and see some of the great work that she has done.

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