7 – Recording Session: We Won the Olympics! With Dr. Kiki Sanford

Dr. Kiki of “This Week In Science” joined us to record a sketch about the Olympics.

Don’t refer to Dr. Kiki as anything but “Doctor”. Stuart’s conception of Leo Laporte is completely wrong, also, Stuart has no idea how to use the internet properly. Alisha is going to the DNC and flying Spirit Airlines… they are certainly not a sponsor because they are barely an airline. No one lost any fingers for 4th of July. It was launch day for Pokemon Go… but we still found a way to finish the podcast (mainly because we couldn’t get on the server). More people die from selfies than from cows. Evidently Dr. Kiki was on “Chelsea” with Chelsea Handler (talk about name dropping… sheesh!). Birds are all the rage in the Kiki household, and evidently Stuart’s household is all about repeating information incorrectly to the person he got information on. Alisha wants a murder of crows following her. Stuart offended Al Franken. Alisha did not “woo” for Stu when he biked through Portland naked… it was pretty chilly. Stuart is the worst person to run into at the end of WNBR. Alisha wants to be a hype person for someone. We talk about doom which leads to a sketch about the olympics.

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