Jimmy Asbell

Jim Asbell, or Jimmy, is an incredibly nice guy that helped the creator of this podcast not get fired a number of times. He is also an interesting guy. He is also trying to live life to it’s fullest, and he does a really good job of it too, if it wasn’t for this goddamned cancer he has. Not one to sit idly by, Jim manifested his fantastic outlook on life into a book that you should buy immediately. Jim also paints animals for people, and his whimsical and wonderful paintings can be commissioned and purchased here. Lastly, if you want to get updates on how he is doing or are interested in the process of living well with a terminal disease (not just living, there is a HUGE difference) Jim’s personal blog is a great place to follow everything that he is doing and also see some of the fun critters he paints.

When I contacted Jim to do the show, he replied with a really serious “what now?” But, after bugging him long enough he agreed to do the show and, I’ll be honest, knocked it out of the park as well as knocking me on my ass. Jim BROUGHT IT!

Listen to his scorching sermon in the sketch here:

And you can listen AND watch his insightful conversation with me here!:

And dammit, buy his book! All proceeds go to fighting cancer!