22 – The BEST Accommodations | Sometimes negotiating good rates is not a good idea

Weary travelers from all the world over seek refuge in hotels. Unfortunately, the price of most hotel rooms are extraordinarily high, and so it’s nice to have websites and services to get us lower rates. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate better rates yourself, the question is, should you?

Interested in how this sketch came about?… Keep listening below!:

Stuart’s dear friend Adelaide joins the podcast because she is so goddamned interesting and should be everybody’s friend.

Stuart and Adelaide establish what a podcast is and is not and still don’t really have a good answer for it. Adelaide makes interesting sounds with her tongue. Adelaide did not have a great day, or she did, but she has appliance issues. Stuart got to eat applesauce because Adelaide’s house came with great neighbors. Stuart does not have that luxury, but his neighbors do offer golden showers. So much pee, but Adelaide’s pee stories are waaay more interesting than ours because they happen in places like Nicaragua. Adelaide doesn’t find the movie “Borat” funny because she dated him. Eggplant nearly destroyed a small city. Adelaide went 10 years not living anywhere in particular and has loads of stories to talk about with that, basically her life has been really, really great and better than yours or anyone’s. Someone has to have come up with shit macrame. Because pee wasn’t enough, Adelaide adds a poop story… the most badass poop story ever. The “Banana Slut” is the best mascot for any school. Stuart was prom king at his high school. Seriously. It’s surprising, we know. Adelaide was accidentally in a beauty pageant (or brainy pageant… whatever). Stuart reveals that his level of parenting has more to do with transportation than anything else. Adelaide has VERY cheap friends. They do a sketch based on hotel rooms.

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