9 – The Tinder Games | You thought it was all about hooking up?

Everyone has a favorite dating app. Some people prefer OK Cupid, the most average of cupids. Some people prefer the more nautical nature of Plenty of Fish. Still others prefer to date others based on their common interest in fictional characters, like Christian Mingle. We at Sketch Comedy Podcast Show really love Tinder, because it is the most fun of all of the dating apps! It’s like a game, you know, one where we get to combine our two favorite pastimes of swiping on our phones with extreme and shallow judgement.

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Alisha has a very definite gambling problem. We continue to talk a little bit about how we don’t have money to make the podcast better, but we could get money if we had a better podcast… maybe we just need women to masturbate on our podcast? Stuart is huggable, and therefore not f**kable. The two twaddle on for a little bit longer about podcast business stuff because this is the only time they ever talk to each other. Alisha is older and continually stalks Bernie Sanders. Stuart got touched and talks about it, listen at your own discretion; and now Stuart knows what it’s like to be a woman. How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10? They play the essence game, and the essence of this podcast is wet, salty taffy; by the way, it is the most pretentious game ever.

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