28 – This Debate is Masterful with Ali and Margaret of the “I Can’t Even…” Show

We are in the final stages of the election season, and the debates have started. But there is one debate that has ravaged the nation, and it is up to Ali (@ali610) and Margaret (@MargieStrange) of the upcoming “I Can’t Even…” Show (@icantevenshow) to suss out the facts and answer the questions that have been plaguing our minds.

You can experience us recording this great sketch here:

or you can actually watch it here:

UPDATE: You can now listen to the new show “I Can’t Even” here now!

This week, Stuart invited comedy podcasters Ali and Margaret from the upcoming “I Can’t Even…” Show to jump on Google Hangouts (which Stuart then realized was changed to YouTube Live and really messed him up, but figured it out in the end). Stuart found their podcast about a year ago, and was tickled with the short format and the sharp jokes. The best part, they aren’t comedians, but much like Stuart, just like comedy and making it.

As much as they like making Headline News, they have decided that they were going to join the likes of other late-night luminaries and make a late night talk show. The show will be called “I Can’t Even…” and it is very exciting!

Stuart admits he has a problem with ellipses and emojis, and the three talk about how and when they use them. Never properly. What is with the number three anyway? Stuart doesn’t know how days and weeks work. Ali went and saw “Weird” Al Yankovich and Stuart is super jelly, also, Al evidently changes clothing often during his concerts. Margaret felt food guilt. The three talk a great deal about the debate because it happened that night… during the podcast (bad scheduling). 9/11 mattress ad… brilliant or horrible? Margaret and Ali were tricked into podcasting. Ali and Margaret work in “comedy adjacent” jobs… they define it, don’t worry about it.

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