Towering Minority

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Being tall is hard. Not only does one have to deal with lower levels of oxygen, but everyone is always asking to reach the top shelf for things and clothes are harder to shop for. But let’s face it, as a tall person in this world, it almost becomes an expectation that people will be #tallcist and it is up to the tall to rise above it all.

Listen to how this episode was put together!:

Stuart eats fish and supplies foley while Alisha talks about feeling the Bern, but then she complains about where it was and how it took place and the people that went. Stuart reminds Alisha that she went to a political rally, and the only people that go to those are crazies… whoops. “Tall people are really what to blame for all the problems.” says Alisha. Meanwhile, we got an idea for a sketch from @VinceDeiulis which happens to involve tall people (serendipity, and not that stupid romantic comedy we’ve all seen 30 times). Stuart is incredibly average. Facebook denied us an ad because we are too controversial (or too wordy. Same thing, right?) Did you know people who go to political rallies are wacky? Did we mention this already? Stuart got his favorite part of his body worshiped but still found a way to be disappointed (and probably disappointed others)… he really needs to talk to a therapist.

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