Episode 03

"The Tinder Games" with Alisha Holland | Co-Creator of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show


August 7th, 2016

1 hr 4 mins 41 secs

Season 0

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This week, we go back to the laboratory and try something different with the format of the show, as was suggested by friend of the show Jason Marshall (@jasonmarshall2) who he himself has a great podcast called “We Don’t Have Cookies” (URL) which Stuart has actually had the pleasure of being on (you can listen to that episode here: URL). So we are going to call this the Marshall Initiative and see if you like it better. I think it makes the most interesting parts of the show front and center and am pretty sure it will be a crowd favorite as well.

We start off with the conversation between Alisha and Stuart. Stuart gets offensive in the introduction. Alisha went to the coast to a casino for her birthday played the inside and won! But still won’t put any money into the show. Stuart should never play craps because he causes people a lot of pain. Stuart is “huggable” and he wants to cry. Alisha and Stuart agree that Paul Rudd is the ultimate; Alisha talks about her dream Rudd hug and Stuart feels sexually confused. Dane Cook… that’s all. Stuart teases the new format of the show… and look what happened! It’s really funny that we talk about formats and are still trying to figure it out. Alisha was depressed for her birthday and then went to a Bernie Sanders rally and took it upon herself to annoy other people by trying to keep them safe. Stuart went to a massage-a-tois event… listen to get info. Stuart won’t go to a nude beach by himself anymore because he had a REALLY bad experience and now understands why women don’t hang out at pools and beaches by themselves. Alisha reminds Stuart of how lickable his balls are and it reminds Stuart of another flattering story about them. Warning: There is a story about Stuart going to the nude beach and things go awry. We talk scales, like how people would superficially judge other people, and Alisha ranks Stuart above average; Stuart smartly doesn’t even approach this subject. The two play the “essence” game, which is just as pretentious as it sounds like.

The sketch: As if it could be possible to become MORE superficial, the brilliant minds behind the Tinder app somehow find a way to get the app even more addictive… regardless of the effects on your soul.

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