Episode 04

"Did You Get That?" with Alisha Holland | Co-Creator of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show


August 14th, 2016

44 mins 18 secs

Season 0

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This is one of my favorite all-time sketches that Alisha and I did, I think it is fantastic and really just well executed. Sometimes some of my favorite humor is when a character gets into a really uncomfortable or awkward situation and sees his or her way through it, this is not one of those cases. Also, the punchline on this sketch was perfect.

So we have finished migrating the podcast over to the new service, iTunes has been updated and now you can actually see our delightful artwork in Apple Podcasts and hopefully everywhere! That has been a thing I have wanted so badly for so long!

Also, I want to really quickly read a review from someone and urge you to jump onto whatever service you are using and give us a quick 5-star review. If you do, I will absolutely read one at the beginning of every episode! I would really appreciate this, I would like to get at least 100 reviews by the end of summer, so I need one a day… you could be the one!

Also, do you happen to have an amazon echo? If you do that’s great! You can actually just ask Alexa to play “Sketch Comedy Podcast Show and she will totally do it!

And now onto Alisha and my discussion about spider gender and feces… totally classy! We also record a sketch about our deepest, darkest fears…. Muahahahahaha-ahem… enjoy this week’s show. And don’t forget to stick around after the show to hear us improvise the actual sketch!

Zootopia is a remake of a classic sci-fi movie. Stuart gets attacked by a spider and then Alisha and Stuart try to figure out the spider’s gender. This episode was out of the space-time continuum, and should have been released before last week’s episode but go check that one out too because Dr. Kiki! Alisha did something called Questival which is a 24-hour scavenging hunt; Alisha learns how to become a true a**hole about it. Alisha officiated a wedding and did not sleep for 39 hours so she could legally kill someone; Stuart ruined said wedding and would have been a good victim. Summertime is terrible because kids require things. The sketch is fantastic. Pooping is never an option while sexy time, but sometimes it might be better than trying to race home. A smorgasbord of feces ensued. Forks should never be the tool one uses for plumbing. Alisha and Stuart decide the best upgrade for any toilet is a blender.

The sketch this week taps into our deepest, darkest fears… you know, like an unreplied-to text.

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