Episode 2

Josh McCullough | "Murder in the Rain" Producer and Disturbingly Awkward Movie Watcher


August 27th, 2019

47 mins 13 secs

Season 1

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  • Originally Released 8/28/2016 *


A little SCPS history about this episode. Alisha had decided she did not want to do the show anymore, which was totally understandable. I, however, didn’t have the same feeling, so I wanted to keep it going. I needed to figure out how to do it, and I decided I was going to get a ringer for the show, and I did.

Josh McCullough is a close friend, a fellow bandmate and is a fellow podcaster. Whenever we get together, we try to entertain each other with what we are talking about which was perfect for this episode.

Currently, Josh is working WITH Alisha on the very popular and successful true crime podcast “Murder in the Rain” where Josh is the producer and makes everything sound so good!

This is genuinely one of my favorite episodes of all time. It’s really just Josh and I chatting and then making one of the most epic sketches this show has ever produced.

This week's sketch: "It's All in the Arm" about what happens when Pokemon Go gets out of hand.

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