Episode 22

"Take Me to Church" with Jimmy Asbell | Author and more than a Survivor... a Thriver!


February 26th, 2017

55 mins 3 secs

Season 2

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Let me tell you about Jim Asbell. Not only is Jim one of the best people I ever had the pleasure to work with, he saved my tookus more than once and helped me realize I was probably working in the wrong place, but he is also just a fantastic human being. What makes him fantastic? Well, he is one of the last people to have polio… wait, that doesn’t make him fantastic, that just makes him have polio…. Well, he is also dying from stage IV colon cancer! What the hell am I talking about? That doesn’t make him fantastic, that just makes me sad. Oh, I know what I meant to say: even though he has had hardship from the time he was very little, and got the rotten luck of getting cancer later in life, he approaches these things with more zest and gusto than I deal with someone at McDonalds getting my order wrong. Jim is so dedicated to living life to the fullest, and having other people do the same, he wrote an amazing book entitled “Live Well With Terminal Illness and Other Crappy Diseases” (buy a copy here: http://amzn.to/2miEt9t and all proceeds are donated to cancer research). Not only is it a good book to read if you are dying, it is a tremendous read for anyone who is feeling particularly stuck in this world. You have no idea how good you have it, but Jim does and let’s you know you are wasting it. Not only that, but he does amazing portraits of pets! (jimmy-asbell.pixels.com). Oh, we talk about all the things, and we also record a sketch which had my jaw on the floor… Jimmy knows how to party!

Honestly, I usually try to talk to you about something blah blah blah about this podcast, but you really should read “Live Well with Terminal Illness and other Crappy Diseases” it is really good. You can even get the Audible version! That’s how I read it!

When we need spiritual guidance, where is the first place we turn? The internet, of course! After getting caught in a YouTube spiral for three days the next place you go is to church. Church is the place where we reset the moral compass and get our souls back on track. We seek counseling from our church leaders and listen intently to their well-crafted and loving sermons. Well, most of the time. Actually, I haven’t been to church in a very long time and that’s actually been pretty good for me, except it’s harder to get casual sex.

We love podcasts and we know you do too! We also know you love this podcast best, but there are other podcasts to listen to. One you could absolutely choose to do that with is “Designated Drinkers”. Do you like drinkers who drink? Of course you do! That’s what this podcast is about!

Looking forward to the next episode! Alisha Holland comes back to the show and we do a sketch pitching the newest in exercise tools, the “FitBit Truth”.

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  • Live Well with Terminal Cancer and Other Crappy Diseases by Jimmy Asbell — Warm, witty, and practical advice for anyone who struggles with serious health problems. Author Jim Asbell shares his life story and outlines the personal philosophical outlook that allows him to, not just cope, but to thrive despite incurable colon cancer, a lifelong battle with polio and other crappy diseases.
  • Designated Drinkers — We are just friends who like to drink so please sit back and let us be your DD.

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