Episode 30

"Book of Love" with Eric Ackerson | VP of Marketing in Consumer Electronics


October 23rd, 2017

1 hr 47 mins 48 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

This week’s guest on the show is someone who has seen me, literally, at my worst. Eric Ackerson is someone I met in the mid-90s and we spent a great deal of time during these very formative years. Drinking formative years, so that meant that there was a lot of learning and then a lot of forgetting. We both worked at the same company (Fry’s Electronics), we both had the same sort of career trajectory, but Eric did it right and found himself as a vice-president at a cool consumer electronics company. Meanwhile, I don’t know if anyone at the company I work at even really knows my name. Eric dishes all the dirt on me, and then we record a sketch about dating. Man, there is a lot of dirt on me.

Just to keep you up to date, there are some new enhanced versions of the sketches found on YouTube. They really are cool and I love that there is a visual companion to these sketches.

This weeks sketch: When you are looking for love, you will look for it anywhere. Maybe it’s in that weird smelling bottle you bought from that old gypsy lady at the bazaar. More than likely, you will find the answers you seek in a book. Knowledge is power, which is why it’s so important to read as much as you can and learn from other’s expertise and experience. Or Tinder. Tinder also works.

The podcast suggestion of the week is “We Don’t Have Cookies”. Every week, host Jason Marshall has people who are really funny on his show to talk about some of the weird things that happen in the world. It’s really good, and he has really funny guests on his show. I have no agenda in suggesting that you go listen to his show at all…

Next week’s guest is a crossover event! Jason Marshall has a podcast called “We Don’t Have Cookies” and I am a guest on his show on Monday, October 23rd! So, if you haven’t heard it yet, check the link at the bottom.

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