Episode 35

"Welcome to Australia?" with gough | The World’s First Blind Filmmaker


December 19th, 2017

54 mins 33 secs

Season 2

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gough. No, I don’t have a cold, that is the name of this week’s guest. gough is a world-touring comedian, an author and an accomplished filmmaker. Where that would make most people pretty interesting, gough has one more trick up his sleeve… he is BLIND! Did you hear that? He makes movies for the eyes and he is legally blind!!! Not only that, but his films are good! gough runs Beernuts Productions which produces audio, film and books and is currently promoting his latest book, his latest film and his most recent audio dramas… and he STILL had time to do this show. Awesome!

If you would like to rent this space, it’s pretty inexpensive and wouldn’t it be fun to have a message just for someone you know to hear? Or maybe promote something you are doing? And do it for as little as $11? I think you do, and I suggest going to sketchcomedypodcastshow.com and look at the top for the “Pay for Time” link.

Traveling is so much fun! Sometimes you are on your way out to see family, or sometimes you are going to an event or to see the sights… sometimes it’s just about seeing someplace new and you have no idea what it is you are expecting to see! When I travel, I know I do it with intent… to duck creditors.

Thank you again to gough. If you haven’t already done so, go to www.beernutsproductions.com and check out all of gough’s really great entertainment that you can get! He offers a wonderful documentary for free (his first film and the first movie directed by someone vision-impaired) called “I Will Not Go Quietly” which is a little serious, but a majority of his content is right up your alley! Definitely check out his mockumentaries, he has some hilarious stuff in a genre that I never feel gets enough attention.

Boy, it’s been a bit of a sausage-fest as of late, let’s get a woman back on! Next week’s episode will be featuring Ash Brown, an entrepreneur who does almost everything and will absolutely be on time for your wedding. Find out more next week!

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