Episode 37

“Hickory, Dickory, Dock” with Tony Starlight | Entertainer, Nightclub Owner, Lives on a Houseboat


January 21st, 2018

1 hr 14 mins 43 secs

Season 3

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Tony Starlight is no stranger to anyone who lives in Portland, OR. His name is synonymous with musical dinner theater and entertainment, an art form that is incredibly relevant yet is not terribly common. Tony’s shows are entertainment extravaganzas: there are songs, jokes aplenty, more songs, drinks, a delicious dinner, songs, dessert, and more songs. Everything in the show is choreographed, and Tony will have themes for the show, such as “Dead Legends” for Halloween or his incredibly popular Christmas Show. When you go, and I know you will, you will get to hear his spot-on Neil Diamond tribute. The one thing you won’t hear? His incredible knowledge of birds in the Pacific Northwest.

Tony talks about successes and failures in business, how to change to do the things you really want to do, living in Los Angeles (and how terrible that is), why Neil Diamond, Marmaduke and, of course, birds!

This is one of the most unique conversations I have had, we recorded in a rowboat on an offshoot of the Columbia River. It was a gorgeous day and we got to see a couple of different birds… we also nearly finished this recording in boat jail…

About this week’s sketch:

Job interviews can be one of the most stressful events for us. We open ourselves to the possibility of looking like we are unqualified. Or maybe they ask the question that uncovers that one thing that exposes you for the creep you are. Or perhaps the question comes up about your mental well-being and as you are thinking the other person in your head takes over and answers for you in a way that makes you sound like you are completely crazy… “No it doesn’t”… Yes it does!!!

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