Episode 38

“Come On Ride The Train” with Ronny Pascale | Poop emoji and Associate Artistic Director of The People’s Improv Theater


March 12th, 2018

1 hr 15 mins 37 secs

Season 3

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Ronny Pascale has been bi-coastal and is really focused on poop. I don’t know why those two things are connected, or why this makes Ronny interesting, but it was a fun conversation to be sure! Ronny has the podcast “Shit Show: The Poopcast” (The colon is pronounced) where he has conversations with other comedians about bowel movements. Yup, you heard that right… the show is reaching new heights for content. Actually, Ronny and I do not discuss our excremental adventures (although, we all have stories, am I right?) but we do discuss his trek from Manhattan to Long Beach, CA which, instead of taking a convenient plane ride, Ronny decided that a 96-hour train ride would be a waaaaaaaay better option. Ronny and I also discuss online dating, because I wanted to get a perspective with someone who has seen both sides of the dating country. We also get to learn that Ronny was once the subject of an article about online dating and, well, it wasn’t flattering.

Make sure to follow Ronny on Twitter, he is absolutely hilarious, and you can do so @ronnypascale. You can also book him to come be funny for you at ronnypascale@gmail.com. You can probably see him doing stand-up around Los Angeles, although I’m sure occasionally he sits down as well.

About this week’s sketch:

Dating is fun. What isn’t funny is that first date, that is some serious business. If you decide to do something like coffee or happy hour, the object of your affection might be underwhelmed and just bolt. If you decide that dinner is the better option, then you might be forced to pay for an expensive meal with someone that you do not really enjoy spending time with. If you decide to go on an all-day hike, you have to actually go and hike and exercise is lame. Whatever you do, you might want to think twice about planning something too grandiose, or you might end up in a situation like this one…

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