Episode 4

"The BEST Accommodations" with Adelaide | The Most Interesting Person In The World


September 18th, 2016

1 hr 3 mins 26 secs

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Hey Everybody! Thanks for tuning in! Maybe you even did it from TuneIn Radio, which is great because you can tell Alexa that you want to hear our show just by asking for it!

For this episode, I established that I really wanted to find interesting people for the podcast. In my humble opinion, there is no one I know more interesting than my friend Adelaide. Adelaide spent 20 years of her life traveling and not having a permanent residence, so she has a story about literally everything. EVERYTHING. Whatever the subject matter, she has some twisted thing that happened to her, or that she witnessed, or that she witnessed happening to someone or herself or… you’ll understand once you get into the episode. She is absolutely lovely and I think you will really enjoy getting to know her, I know I have.

Did you know that that the nicest thing you can do for a podcast is to give it a really great review? In fact, let me give you an example of a really great review right here! This comes from chipnico on iTunes: “Pretty Fun Show (5 stars) Fun sketch comedy podcast. Not your normal podcasts. Cool to hear different sketches and really good production value.” I can’t disagree!

And now, enjoy episode 8 “The BEST Accommodations”

Adelaide is a friend of Stuart’s that is really interesting. Adelaide is having a bad day because of the girth of a refrigerator. Stuart got the benefit of Adelaides’ amazing neighbors… they are ridiculously wonderful neighbors. Feeding multiple birds is much better than killing multiple birds. Stuart’s neighbors are not as wonderful and his back deck was christened with a golden shower. Adelaide is amazed about what gets on tv. Adelaide does not like the term “terrorist”, but she might have been in Nicaragua training people that might be known as “terrorists”. Borat as a movie hit a little too close to the mark… Adelaide may have dated him. The amount of dollars you spend on a place to stay is DIRECTLY related to how nice of a place you are going to stay. Nothing like a bunch of old men staring at your shower door. Adelaide’s dog piss story is, indeed, a better story than Stuart’s. Evidently the cash crop for the world… eggplant. Stuart hears about Adelaide’s story and suddenly wants to jump off of a building. Period blood has many uses. The Lord’s work is all about taking kids or something. There is nothing better than using one’s own poop to craft a weapon… something Minecraft hasn’t used yet! We dare you to eat corn after this episode. Has anyone gone to the college with the “banana slut” mascot? Stuart was prom king (humble brag). Olive Garden on prom night! Adelaide was in a beauty pageant, but had to bow out because nature called. Graduations make people feel proud of themselves and sometimes that is okay!

This week’s sketch is about finding a good place to stay when you are out of town on a budget. Not only will it save you money but it might also save your sanity!

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