Episode 44

“Hey Dude, Unleash Your Inner Feminist, Yo!” with Tammy Leitzel


July 9th, 2018

16 mins 47 secs

Season 3

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Special Guest

About this Episode

We are truly embarking on a new path for the human race. At no time in our history has there been an opportunity for closing the gender and race gaps, for creating an environment of love and peace and equality… wait, who is president again? Well, shoot… maybe in the next 100 years.

Featuring Tammy Leitzel, who uses bits of her fantastic material from her “Femessence” program in the sketch. You can find out more by going to https://tammyleitzel.com and take her 7-day challenge!

Like the sketch? Listen to the conversation that inspired it and how we recorded it here!:

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