Episode 5

"I Dream of India" with Amber Peeler | Stuart's Daughter and fan of "The Walking Dead"


September 25th, 2016

1 hr 1 min 52 secs

Season 1

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Hey Everyone!

This episode was one of the most special and was ultimately one of the most frustrating episodes I ever recorded. After living on a farm in an intended community my daughter came back and had really opened her mind to a lot of things that allowed her to become one with the universe and really find herself at 19. I thought it was fascinating. Amber, my daughter, on the other hand was really uncomfortable talking about any of it. So, we recorded this episode 3 times and ignored any of the things that happened at the farm. That’s okay, because of the Walking Dead!

It’s still a really fun episode and Amber is just delightful in the conversation and with the sketch.

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And now, episode 9 “I Dream of India”

Stuart evidently doesn’t understand how to make podcasts. The Walking Dead is the one things that binds generations, and is basically the equivalent of crack. Amber and Stuart evaluate their skills and their ability to live during a zombie apocalypse. Maybe Stuart solved the zombie apocalypse, but he would be dead. They play a lot of “what if” in the zombie apocalypse. Basically, they were both very excited for the new season. Stuart decides that he needs more international listeners and guests. The two discuss education and how inaccurate history could be. Amber wants to go to India, but she really couldn’t tell you why. TV is nothing like reality… or is it? Ultra violent scenes in movies is evidently an aphrodisiac for Stuart and his girlfriend.

The sketch this week puts a highlight on what people know about other countries when they decide to go there. It’s not a positive story.

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