Episode 59

RJ the Magician | Inappropriate Master of Black Magic


June 24th, 2019

33 mins 53 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Are you into black magic? I’m not talking about the dark arts here, I mean entertainers that use magic that happen to be African-American! Rajon Lynch, or better known as RJ the Magician, is one of the top black magicians in the world today, and he is only 23!

RJ uses a lot of comedy in his act… sometimes it may not be the most appropriate comedy for his audience, but everyone has a lot of fun at his shows. In fact, he was recently awarded “Rising Star” from the International Coalition of Black Magicians.

Rajon has traveled the globe teaching magic to people, has done a TED talk and now hosts the excellent and very relatable “I Hate Everyone” podcast (https://www.rjsmagic.com/ihateeveryone).

We then record the sketch “Obama Safety Impersonator”.

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