Episode 61

Billy Lonas | Putting God on Trial


August 4th, 2019

49 mins 42 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Billy Lonas has a deep interest in the Bible that came about when he was 12 years old and was told that God loved him but if he didn’t do what God said he would got to hell forever and ever… that didn’t make sense to Billy. So, he started questioning the methods that people used to study and understand the Bible and spends his time sharing a message of love and selflessness as opposed to dogma. This is a conversation that does an incredible job of putting a lot of religions on notice and explaining God’s love in a way that is both welcoming and easily comprehensible.

Billy is an author of two books, he is a singer-songwriter, and has also been very active in sharing his message of love and acceptance. We talk about the difference between selfish and selfless love, and which one most Christians tend to lean towards and why that is not very Christ-like. I really enjoyed this conversation with Billy and will likely invite him back on to discuss his philosophy, which is encompassing and not dismissive, again.

Make sure to check out Billy’s websites for more information about his philosophy, to check out some of the artists that he is promoting for free, and to see how he interprets the Bible’s message, which I cannot suggest more.

God’s On Trial: http://bit.ly/SCPSgodsontrial

Publishing 4 the People: http://bit.ly/SCPSpublishing4thepeople

K.I.S.S.I.T.: http://bit.ly/SCPSkissit

We then record a sketch about the Garden of Eden and what those crazy kids might have been eating... hint: it isn't an apple.

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