Episode 64

Susan Guthrie | A Kinder, Gentler Divorce Lawyer


September 24th, 2019

48 mins 47 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Susan Guthrie has been a divorce attorney for 30 years, and now calls herself a recovering litigator and helps people separate peacefully and respectfully with mediation. After living in California for a couple of years, she even offers a mindfulness track with mediation, breathing exercises and intention setting.

We talk about, you guessed it, divorce and how after 30 years Susan pivoted her career to out of the courtroom, calling herself a recovering litigator, to a meditation practice which helps couples find a peaceful and respectful way to separate.

Susan has a podcast, called “Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast” (https://breakingfreemoderndivorcepodcast.podbean.com/) where she and Rebecca Zung offer suggestions and inspiration for anyone thinking about, going through, or healing from a divorce. As someone who went through one some time ago, it is easily one of the hardest things I had to go through and I wish I had access to this show at that time.

Additionally, we chat about why divorces happen, how affairs in a marriage are seen in court, when is the most common times to get divorced, why staying together is really screwing up kids and a lot of other things. We also record a sketch!

You can hear more from Susan on her podcast:

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