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How to be a really good remote guest

So, I will start this with a disclaimer: None of my guests have ever driven me nuts.

However, I will say that things could go much easier if guests would do a couple of things beforehand to make sure that things run pretty smoothly and that they have a successful appearance on a show.

The idea of being a guest on a podcast is to do two things: give the host someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of AND help expand the guest's audience. So, this post is about how to best do both of these things.

Let's talk some technical stuff here first. Don't worry, it will not be anything dramatic or overly technical. I am also just going to give the bare minimum for a decent podcast, that way you, the reader, know that anything above that is better!

** Technical Stuff **

** Sound **

This one is easy. You really need two things: headphones and a microphone. These can be the same thing, or completely separate things. The better your microphone, the better your presence will be on the podcast, so if you have the means, use a good one!

The Apple headphones that come with every phone, tablet, whatever. Believe it or not, they are decent headphones and still allow you to hear yourself talk and the microphone is surprisingly good at capturing primarily your voice and little else.

Next, is the ambient sound. This is all of the sound surrounding you. The trick for great audio is to cut out most, if not all, of the surrounding noise from pets, household, people, etc. The best type of room is one with a lot of fabric furniture to absorb the ambient sound around you. If at all possible, the more isolated you are from the surrounding noise the better off you are.

** Connection **

If the interview is going to be over the internet, the connection is key. My suggestion is to NEVER use Wi-Fi. But I know, you are saying to yourself: "But Stuart, my Wi-fi is so super fast!" and my answer to you is: "No, it's not." Wi-Fi is never, ever, going to be as fast as a hard wired internet connection, which is the only way I really record. Otherwise, there is a log of lag, dropped audio and that weird robot voice.

** Content **

Make sure you listen to at least one episode of the podcast you have agreed to be on. That is, at the very least, the very least you can do. Understand the cadence of the podcast and the pacing. Ask the host which episode they would suggest, and they will likely respond with something they are particularly proud of. Also, ask the host what they are looking for from guests and maybe an example of a guest that was particularly good.

Pretty simple! So, here is what Sketch Comedy Podcast Show feels is a good minimum:

  • Apple EarPod headphones or something equivalent (nothing super cheap, though and no bluetooth).
  • A quiet room like a bedroom
  • An ethernet connection to the internet
  • Listen to at least one episode of the show
  • Have a story or something interesting to talk about

That's it! Are you interested? I'm sure you will do great! I haven't had a bad episode yet! If you think this is something you would like to do on our show, here is the link to sign up and give us a little information!:

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