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How to setup the best remote recording setup

Hey there! So you are going to be on "Sketch Comedy Podcast Show" and you want your episode to be better than everyone else. That's how I feel too!

Here are some suggestions for making your show sound awesome:

  • Do it live with me with my "Studio on the Go!"

I mean, that's the easiest way and the easiest way to get me to buy beer as well.

If you are going to be on remotely through Google Hangouts (the preferred method of recording) I suggest the following:

  • Set up a good quality microphone in a place that is quiet and doesn't have a lot of sound bouncing around.
  • - It might be easiest to just put a blanket around the mic.
  • Make a quiet space.
  • Pick a recording software that will allow you to record just your voice portion of the podcast.
  • - Audacity is a great choice and is free!
  • - Garageband is my preferred method and is what I use. (Free with Macs)
  • Export out to .wav. Uncompressed is the best!
  • Send to via WeTransfer ( Also Free.

That's it! Much easier than you thought! This isn't necessity, but it does make for a better sounding recording. Just make sure to tell me you are doing this!

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