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Interesting People. Intriguing Conversations. Improvised Sketch Comedy?!?

Migrating this podcast is much harder than I thought.

Hey there everyone!

I am really excited to move the podcast over to, and I'm hoping to convince Dan Benjamin to come onto the show (he is the owner of the 5 by 5 podcast network and is quite a podcaster himself... as well as the owner of

This was not as easy a process as I had hoped... not because of the service, both Podbean and Fireside have been fantastic, but rather because with this move and with the desire to make this show more enticing I want to do so much more with the content! If you haven't noticed, I'm trying new formats for the existing shows and really trying to figure out the best way to present the show. Not only that, but I am also trying to make the show available and more compelling on YouTube, because it sounds like there are a lot of people that do that.

So, it's taking longer and is much more challenging than I originally thought this was going to be, but I believe it will make for a better show.

If you have any suggestions or complaints or whatever, please let me know. This is the time to be able to make adjustments as needed!

Thank you so much for listening!

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