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Oh the woes of the web

I am, in my personal life, in the mode of meeting people again. It sucks, but there is also something fun about it. I don't know. This is not my point. In the process of talking to people, I like to mention that I have a podcast, and that I do this comedy thing on the internet, and that I am now the president of my own company because I'm fancy. You know what you never want to hear?

"Oh, hey, that link doesn't work." was sent to me.

I panic. Of course it works! Why wouldn't it work? Let me just see what... why does the browser keep flashing back and forth? OMG! IT DOESN'T WORK!!!

Of course, our phones now are amazing, and I can do most of what I need to do within the palm of my hand. The issue lies in that 5% of things I cannot; and those end up being the crucial, do-or-die issues that I need to worry about. This was one of those things, I had to get home, to fix this issue! How many hundreds of people were missing out on my podcast? I checked the news... no news stories. No one was blowing up Twitter with the hashtag #WhereInTheWorldIsSketchComedyPodcastShow (which would be a terrible hashtag, by the way). It wasn't a big deal. It was for one person, and that was enough, but it wasn't the worst thing that has happened.

It made me think of two things. First, I really need to do some marketing. The site wasn't down for just a couple of minutes, it had been weeks. That might be a little damaging. But the other thing was... I still got the same number of listens (relatively, it's Summer and surprisingly listens go down in Summer. Stupid Summer music.), so what was the big deal?

But I panicked!

Lately, I have been going through this awful thing I do in my head, creating regret. I see every opportunity cost in my life as an incorrect decision and ruminate on everything. The moments, every day, are calculated in this weird FOMO calculation machine in my mind and I am constantly worried about the things that are passing me by. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is this horrible mental illness I suffer from (well, one of them) and it really makes my day to day difficult. And it's stupid.

I have tried to be more present in my life, and it sometimes works out a little. A couple of years ago, my dear friend Alisha (yes, this Alisha) gave me a book called "The Faith of Mister Rogers". It was an odd book, because it talks about Fred Rogers, who is a non-ironic hero of mine, and his devotion to God. I am an atheist. It has sat on my shelf for around 2 years and yesterday I decided to pick it up. Once again, Mr. Rogers helped me as he helped me deal with what I was feeling as a little boy.

Here is what I learned:

  • The importance of taking time and appreciating silence.
  • The indispensability of prayer.
  • The wondrous workings of the Holy Spirit.

But I'm a secular heathen, so I have to do this with the information:

  • The importance of taking time and appreciating silence.
  • There is power in recognizing those around us and simply acknowledging them and their importance in our lives.
  • Sometimes things work out and they feel magical. Is there any difference between something feeling magical and being magical? Accept the gift and appreciate it.

Unsurprisingly, this was what I needed to read. How does it relate to my story of my website going down?

I'm taking a break from the podcast, so a couple of weeks of a downed website is fine.

I really WANT to reach out to the person who told me and thank them, and I also really want to reach out to the person who gave me the book and thank them.

Now the site is up and running and I was able to learn some new features.

All day yesterday I felt like I was missing out on something. Today, I'm just going to enjoy whatever the day brings. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a couple of thank you's to write.

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