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Rapid-Fire Podcast Distribution...

"Holy Shit Stu, what's with all of the episodes being released?"...

...Is something that someone might be saying to me if they look at the release schedule over the next two months.

Yes, there is going to be an explosion of content coming your way. Why? Because I want to get all of the older content put out there before we start with the new season in September.

There are 30 episodes of Season 1 of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show that I need to get up on the site before I can start releasing the brand new stuff. Because this is already a messy time and there have no-doubt been a lot of people that have ditched the podcast at this point, I feel justified in making sure that this transition allows me to reformat the shows and make them more fun to listen to (the feedback on that has been outstanding) and make sure that the information in the episodes are all good. So, I'm reformatting like a mad-man to get all of these things done in time. And still recording new episodes. And still editing those episodes and coming up with artwork and getting the YouTube channel all straight and... as you can see, it's hard to listen to all of this content, it's also a bitch to make all this content!

But, the content deserves it! There are such great conversations and sketches from Season 1 that I felt remiss to let them just languish there on the page and look sad. This revitalization of the episodes has really made them a joy to revisit.

So, I know it's a lot, but I hope you can still enjoy them. Also, I am really excited for the YouTube channel and what that is going to mean for listening to our sketches.

Take care!


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