Conversation with Bex Bedford | Super-Sized Influencer


May 20th, 2019

35 mins 32 secs

Season 4

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Rebecca Bedford spent a good portion of her life hiding from people. Seriously. She would find times to go to the grocery store when no one else was there, her job was at a standstill because she didn’t want to see anybody or be seen by anybody and even things such as getting gas in her car was beyond difficult for her to accomplish. She decided to do something about it; but not what you are thinking. In the end, she decided acceptance and self-love was the right direction and for her many followers, she was right.

Her new website,, is a great place to start. Rebecca went from finding it impossible to be around other people to talking to thousands of people on a daily basis on YouTube, through podcasts, social media… literally thousands of people watch and listen to her every day. Her shows involve body positivity, tips, dating, and now livestreams and her community is made up of a diverse amount of people of all body types.

We talk about being plus-sized, how creating content for the internet can have its challenges, dating, and other things and, of course, we record a sketch you can hear next week.

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Episode Links

  • Bex Bedford Website — Rebecca’s website that emphasizes body-positivity, community and all sorts of other great things with links to all of her media outlets that she contributes to.

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