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August 20th, 2018

40 mins 41 secs

Season 3

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Christopher and Lyndsay Jones live in an RV. That’s it, that’s all there is… nothing else interesting here. I mean, why did I even… wait, what? You’re handing this to me now? I’m recording this live onto the hard drive, and that’s when you hand this to me? These imaginary assistants are just not very good help, maybe I should actually get some virtual assistants. Okay, what was I saying? Oh, right! Yes, Chris and Lyndsay live in an RV, but they are SO MUCH MORE! The two are now traveling around the country in said RV and helping people through chaos, which they know about. Both Lyndsay and Chris have suffered through depression, and Lyndsay has seen the dark side of addiction. Where lesser people might have just accepted this, these two decided to take it head-on and have come out the other side much happier and living a life that they want.

We talk about not just escaping the chaos of life, but hugging it. We also talk about the shitstorm that is living in an RV… which is a literal statement in most cases. Both Chris and Lindsay talk about their journey, both separately and together, and both talk about the books that are coming out… THIS WEEK! Chris has a book called "You Are The Architect”, a manual for life that you never received and Lyndsay has a book called “The Chakras. A Real-Life, No Bullshit Guide to Healing Your Life” which is about single transferrable voting systems… nope, wrong week… this one is about Chakras… duh. You can get both of these books at

This is a fun one, and there is serious stuff and funny stuff throughout!

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Episode Links

  • Hug Your Chaos Website — The website where you can learn more about what Lyndsay and Chris do and how you can learn a thing or two about how to overcome your fears and hug your chaos.
  • “The Chakras. A Real-Life, No Bullshit Guide to Healing Your Life” — If you’ve ever wanted to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your life, and why you do the things you do than look no further! Do you ever try to change a habit or behavior in your life, yet it keeps coming back like a bad weed?  Have you ever wished that you had a blueprint for yourself? Now you can! By coming to understand yourself in relationship to the seven major energy centers known as chakras, you will gain a deep insight to many things about yourself that previously may have had you scratching your head as to why you do them.   Through intensive work with the chakras herself, Lindsay has an uncanny knack for delivering complex information in a relatable real-world way that has you slapping your head wondering why you didn’t see the links sooner.  The Chakras is perfect for anyone on their healing journey no matter if you’ve heard of a chakra or not. This book is the perfect ally for experienced chakra workers and beginners alike. Discover how the chakras affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually as Lindsay Carricarte-Jones takes us this fun ride into the energy body.     Beginning with a wonderful introduction to the chakras and the practice of pranayama, each chapter then dives in to explore each of the seven main chakras and how they affect us individually and collectively. Discover how energy imbalances show up and what to do about them.  All this information is packed into a fun, easy, practical read that feels more like a chat with your best friend over coffee.  Yogis, Reiki healers, crystal healers, energy workers, massage therapists, and even doctors, this book is for you!

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