Catching Up With Amber Peeler | Stuart's Daughter... Does She Do Porn or Not?!?


June 21st, 2019

24 mins 46 secs

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Well, this is every parent's dream... Stuart's 21-year-old step-daughter, whom he raised, got asked to do sexual acts, on film, for lots of money... and she did not say no.

We talk about the situation, how she processed the information, asking random people walking into gas stations for life-advice, the lure of easy money, what life looks like as someone who does adult films for a living, and, ultimately, Amber makes a decision.

If you are a parent, this is a great video to watch to see how to talk to your adult child about difficult subjects. If you are a young woman who is considering the adult film industry (an industry that neither Stuart or Amber judge as an industry at all) this will give you things to consider. To anyone who might be listening and hoping she says yes... well, you'll just have to wait and see!

No joke, I love these types of things. It's like critical thinking but with subjects that are interesting!

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