Catching Up with gough | New movie out now! "A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer"


May 31st, 2018

13 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

gough, the world’s first blind filmmaker, has just released a new movie that exposes the seedy underbelly of the life of personal trainers… although he may not want to expose too much, they are in really good shape!

We talk about filming, the stars (especially the knockout lead) and what got gough to tackle the world of personal training. We also discuss who gets to be the creepiest guy in the film… that poor guy.

Go to and get this video along with all of gough’s other really great video, audio and books!

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Episode Links

  • Beernuts Productions — Where to go for all the gough! You can find all of gough’s great content for sale here, as well as a couple of freebies to check out!
  • “A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer” — Skip right to the newest video and tell all your friends you know of a blind filmmaker that makes hilarious things that they should watch!

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