Bex Bedford | Super-Sized Influencer

Special guest

Bex Bedford is a Self Acceptance Champion, Body Positive Activist, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. In 2013 Bex started her vlog channel on Youtube called "Being an SSBBW" and it quickly gained traction garnering hundreds of thousands of views. In her videos she speaks frankly about all facets of life as a person of extended size, her struggles and triumphs with self love and self acceptance, and topical commentary on current events in the plus size world.

After years of vlogging as Rebecca of "Being an SSBBW", Bex no longer felt connected to the name. SSBBW translates to "Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman", an acronym that no longer felt representative of her message, but felt more exclusive, focusing too much on looks, size, and gender.

In 2019 Bex made the leap to change her brand from "Being an SSBBW" to Bex Bedford. Choosing Bex, a long time nickname, afforded Rebecca the ability to just be herself, not bound by any one notion or group, allowing her to be her true authentic self.

Bex Bedford | Super-Sized Influencer has been a guest on 2 episodes.