Christopher Jones | Hugger of Chaos

Special guest

From a very early age, Chris was discontent. He hated the world around him, and couldn’t make sense of it. He asked big questions, some that scared his parents. “How do we know that our dreams aren’t our real life and our waking life isn’t a horrible dream?” His family doctor gave him a quick reply but when he pushed back on him, he gave Chris advice that changed his life. “Start meditating and find your own answers.”

And so, after leaving school he found his way to a Buddhist monastery, spending 6 months with the monks. Soon after leaving the monastery, he enlisted into the Australian Army and was deployed as a rifleman. He returned lost in the world, again. Chris went into self-imposed exile, choosing his own growth and mind over the company of others including his family. His long-term battle against depression raged constantly.

Across his journey, he sought out the teachings of many mentors who helped him expand his consciousness and skill-set. He did it all, from Alchemy in Melbourne to yoga teacher training in Fiji. From living and training in a mountain village in Northern Thailand to certifications in life coaching and a Bachelor’s Degree in Western Herbal Medicine. One day along the South Coast of Australia it all came to a head when he had a complete breakdown. Screaming in his van, he knew something had to change. He drove to jagged cliffs of the Great Ocean Road and gave God an ultimatum. “If I have a purpose, bring me back.”
And he jumped.

The freezing current tossed him around and he found himself looking for help on the cliffs. He felt that God had answered, that He was done with Chris. He surrendered and fell beneath the water. At that moment, he found complete peace. And once he did, he somehow found himself back on shore. Two months later he posted an honest, transparent, authentic post about his journey and struggles. Someone commented, “You’re beautiful.” It was Lindsay.


Christopher Jones | Hugger of Chaos has been a guest on 2 episodes.