Jason Eric Ross | Psychotherapist Turned Psychopath (on TV)

Special guest

Jason is the son of not one, but two Psychoanalysts and grew up in and around the field of therapy and is a big advocate of it. Feeling great takes work; it’s a choice. Jason grew up understanding the value of physical and emotional well-being and it’s what he practices to this day.

As an adult, Jason has had two overlapping careers: personal trainer and now psychotherapist, and believes his clinical experience in both areas is quite extensive.

Jason’s creative passions are serious ones and revolve around what he preaches as a shrink: mind, body and spirit.

Aside from co-authoring a Parenting book with his mother, entitled “You Can Say NO and Your Child Will Still Love You”, Jason has performed standup comedy and music professionally. In 2015, Jason appeared on TV several times discussing a variety of mental health issues. At the age of 48 Jason moved back to NYC and began acting and have appeared on multiple TV series and a few award-winning films, and is frequently called upon for clinical expertise for TV, websites and crime podcasts.

You can see some of Jason's appearances and acting at https://video.com/jasonericross

Jason Eric Ross | Psychotherapist Turned Psychopath (on TV) has been a guest on 2 episodes.