Lyndsay Jones | Hugger of Chaos

Special guest

Lindsay carried an overwhelming fear of people all throughout her childhood. Life was like nails on a chalkboard. She was often disconnected and anxious, often felt misunderstood. Her solution to this? Perfectionism. Surely that would bring about the love she sought. Her family never talked about emotions, and therefore she didn’t learn to process them. In hindsight, she realizes she was carrying the emotional weight and baggage of many, many others. And through it all, she never ever spoke up. As many empaths do, she turned to drugs. It got pretty bad, pretty fast. Our Lindsay has always been a “take it all” kind of girl. Balls to the wall. All or nothing. This devolved into homelessness and full-blown addiction.

She found her way from one “treatment center” to the next, one method to another but it never worked. The bitterness and confusion never left. At 25, she was diagnosed with lymphoma which caused even more anger and irritability. She was pissed about losing her hair, pissed about not being able to ask for help, and just generally pissed about being sick.

So, she set out on a soul journey, traveling and seeking answers. And although she learned a lot during that time, her addiction soon returned. Things went from bad to worse, and as she puts it “she didn’t give a shit about living.” But again she attempted to heal and repair her life again.

At the age of 33, she flipped the switch. She dove into books and started a regular meditation, yoga, and breathing practice. She leaned heavily on these modalities and service work to others. She freed herself from the horrors of the restaurant industry and sought out a better path. She found writing and her manifesting powers. She opened herself to the possibility of finding a partner who would understand her and connect with her deeply. And then, one day, she found a motivational post on Facebook. Three months later, she was on a plane to Australia to spend the summer with the author of the post – Chris.


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